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The sole responsibility of BASF Tech Services is to ensure better harvests as a result of using BASF products and solutions in an agronomically sound manner. It’s a simple principle, however one that is constantly challenged and demands enormous understanding, commitment and skill to deliver.

This Virtual Innovation Tour Website is a new way forward and major investment towards bringing our annual field walk experience direct to you, along with providing greater product knowledge and support.

Meet BASF’s Australian agronomy team:

  • Phil Hoult (Geelong, VIC)

    33 years’ experience

    General Hort production systems (vegetables, potatoes, vines, trees), temperate broadacre systems, sugarcane, spray application technology, customer engagement, presentation and communication skills, strategy planning and execution, coaching and mentoring

  • Warwick Nightingale (Tootool, NSW)


    B. App. Science Agriculture – CSU Wagga Wagga.

    Dryland and Irrigated broadacre cropping and pasture agronomy. Having been employed as a production agronomist for Elders, Landmark and Delta Agribusiness. New to BASF since 2018.

  • Roger Mandel (Perth, WA)

    35 years’ experience

    Herbicide MoA and physical chem properties, herbicide and fungicide resistance in Broadacre, stewardship and best use of IMI herbicide technology in temperate broadacre, understanding technical referencing and statistics, research and writing of science papers and academic lecturing

  • Sarah Wilson (Toowoomba, QLD)

    24 years’ experience

    Crop protection in cereals, pulses, broadacre summer crops and cotton. Biotechnology, trait development & introgression and seed production in cotton, field identification of weeds and disease and practical control application, management of FPE and complaint handling and understanding statistics plus use of ARM system

  • Mark Dicks (Albury, NSW)

    23 years’ experience

    Experience across a wide range of horticultural crops with particular reference to crop protection and chemical application, as well as turf and cereal crops. Woody weed control in forestry, conservation, industrial, rangeland and mining environments. Specialist in aquatic weed control using aquatic herbicides and related techniques. Also commercial cut flower grower and supplier (proteas and strelitzias). Expert in trial layout, reporting and data analysis

  • Tim Herman (Napier, NZ)

    29 years’ experience

    General Ag/Hort production, crop protection and IPM knowledge across Ag/Hort (particularly vegetables and fruiting crops). R&D management, data analysis and project management

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